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Made with 100% Plant Based Ingredients

Fragrance: THE SUN

  • Blood Orange, Black Anise, and Dark Patchouli

5 oz.


“The scent is a combination of blood orange, black anise, and dark patchouli. Other than it all working really well together and smelling so good, we like the dichotomy of bright citrus paired with the two darker notes. Just like pulling the Sun card, it can mean good or bad, dark or light, depending on how it’s pulled.”

-Elizabeth Mitchell


The Sun Bar Soap is Volume 7 of the new series of products we call “The Tarot Sessions.”

Through the Tarot Sessions we intend to pull out the intimate details of these unique artisans to tell their stories of their struggles and successes while perfecting their craft. Cellar Door’s story can be found HERE.


“We are the underground.
We are the underdogs.
And we’re just getting started.”

-Steve Lockhart

Ingredients: Olive Oil, coconut oil, water, sustainable palm oil, lye, castor oil, shea butter, patchouli, orange oil, star anise oil, litsea cubeba essential oil, iron oxide, bamboo charcoal

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